My name is Maya and I founded Girl Loves Color in January 2011. I am currently a high school student, and I have lived in New York City all my life.

Living in NYC, fashion is omnipresent. I constantly pass by clothing and accessories stores in my journeys around the city and it is almost impossible to walk a block without sighting an example of chic street style. I believe that I was interested in fashion from the beginning, from my early years as a young child - in which I insisted on choosing out my own apparel and refused to wear what was chosen out for me - to my pre-teen years, filled with the woes of finding suitable clothing for my age group that also fit my miniature frame. My love for fashion blossomed with my love for magazines. It's really fashion magazines that sparked my interest in fashion, though I do truly believe that it was always a part of me.

I began to nurture the idea of starting a blog in 2010. It seemed like a good way to explore my interest in fashion and to test out my newfound interest in fashion journalism. My love of fashion had recently exploded into an obsession (a healthy one, I might argue) that led me to dream of a future in the fashion industry. My question was, what would my role be in this industry? Blogging would help me figure out the aspects of fashion that spoke to me most: whether it be styling, writing, design, PR.... I wanted to get a head start on my future career and blogging would help me do just that.

Blogging started out as an experiment for me, but it has grown into something that I love to do. I continue to try and improve my content and site as much as possible in order to create the best possible experience for my readers.

Why did you start blogging?

Blogging was an experiment for me. I found that I was discovering so many new and exciting fashion brands and coming up with ideas that I wanted to remember, and I wanted a place where I could easily record everything. Creating a blog was almost instinctive, taking advantage of a new medium whose popularity was rapidly rising and exploring my passions.

Why do you blog about colorful fashion?

I think color is a unique way in which one can express himself/herself. Color portrays confidence and individuality, as well as catching the eye. I have always considered color to be so beautiful and versatile, so much more fun than neutrals. Particularly in fashion, color has more depth and intrigue and has a beauty that is unparalleled.

What are your favorite stores in New York City?

If I'm not drooling over the merchandise in Opening Ceremony or Otte, I'm probably in SoHo, the East Village or the Lower East Side exploring independent boutiques.
The majority of my wardrobe comes from Madewell and Topshop.