July 25, 2014

Dori Csengeri

In many jewelry designs, color is relegated to the gemstone, a tendency that makes for subtler pieces. For those who prefer their accessories bright and brazen, look to jewelry designer Dori Csengeri, known for her innovative use of color.

Csengeri studied at the "Shenkar" College of Fashion in Tel-Aviv. A textile designer by profession, she specialized in fabric design at Tootal Fabrics in Manchester and worked at Cyril Kowalewsky's studio in Paris.

Csengeri's experience in textile design is evident with her eponymous jewelry label, which is hand-sewn at her atelier by embroidery craftswomen, who use an ancestral technique of assembly by needlework of silky cotton cords. She also collaborates regularly with Swarovski.

As an aficionado of colorful fashion, I decided to ask Dori several questions about her work:

What drives you to use such bold colors in your designs?
I live in Tel Aviv, a city known for its sandy beaches, blazing sun and lively people. I guess that has a lot to do with my fascination with vibrant, happy colors.

Your designs are extremely sculptural. What was the inspiration behind your design signature, and what inspired you for the current collection?
I think that the sculptural shapes are born out of my constant search for innovative ways to interlink new materials with my embroidery and turn them into integral parts of my creations. In my fall-winter 2014-2015 collection, I explored interweaving "unruly" leather cords into voluminous shapes while playing with movement.

How do you decide on the color combinations you use in each piece?
In my mind, color is similar to music. I love experimenting with different ideas and color combinations. When I finally find the perfect tonalities that are harmonious together, I have an "aha" moment, or rather, a sense of wholeness and elation.

Visit doricsengeri.com for more information and to shop online. 
Select pieces are also available at Charm & Chain.

What do you think of Dori's designs?