June 17, 2014

Now In Bloom: Thierry Boutemy for Opening Ceremony

Fashion designers seem to be on an endless quest for new and exciting variations on an old classic: the floral print. But if you believe that the fashion world has seen every type of flora and fauna possible, then think again.

Enter Thierry Boutemy, a Brussels-based florist whose colorful floral arrangements are the centerpiece of the latest Opening Ceremony collaboration. "His bouquets take you back to Harvest time memories, carry you away in a fragile or luxuriant Nature, unlock a calm or confused Beauty," is a sample musing from the info section on Boutemy's website. The florist's combinations are romantic, channeling the emotions conveyed by flowers' fleeting beauty. His arrangements are ethereal and almost fantastical in nature.

Flowers and fashion have been long intertwined, as it becomes increasingly common for designers to commission extravagant bouquets and artistic displays for runway shows. Indeed Boutemy's work has graced the runways of Lanvin, Givenchy, and Dries Van Noten. Yet never have the two fields merged completely, as they do in Boutemy's first foray into fashion design.

To create the designs, Boutemy meticulously crafted a series of floral still lifes, from lavishly bright bouquets to a more minimalist collage of pressed flowers. The works were photographed and transformed into a set of digital prints, which emblazon the capsule collection's assortment of sharply-designed separates, accessories, and Manolo Blahnik shoes. The collaboration also includes a Le Labo fragrance, entitled Geranium 30.

All images courtesy of Opening Ceremony

The color schemes are striking and the silhouettes both modern and practical. It is a collaboration perfect for the customer who adores a bright floral print, yet also yearns for something a little edgier. Boutemy and Opening Ceremony offer the best of both worlds.

One could say that Thierry Boutemy is sprucing up an old favorite.

The collection, which also includes menswear, is available online or in Opening Ceremony stores. Click here to view a more extensive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the collection.

What do you think of the collaboration? What pieces would you (or wouldn't you) purchase?

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