January 04, 2014

The Statement Sweatshirt

The fashion world has had its eye on the sweatshirt silhouette for some time now, but given the sudden drop of temperatures across the Midwest and Northeast, it seems especially appropriate to consider it as an option. While the shape is more familiar in the form of school or athletic apparel, designers have promoted the sweatshirt to the leagues of high fashion with inventive graphic prints and sophisticated embellishments. These sweatshirts are created for the public eye, rather than the cozy confines of the home. Yet they do double duty, as many of the newest styles are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely warm. It is nice to see fashion embrace the cozy and comfortable as we approach the harsher months of winter.
The Statement Sweatshirt
First row, from left to right: Christopher Kane sweatshirt, $315 (available here); Mary Katrantzou sweatshirt, $700 (available here); J. Crew sweatshirt, $375 (available here).Second row: Mary Katrantzou sweatshirt, $530 (available here); C├ędric Charlier sweatshirt, $490 (available here).
Third row: Kenzo sweatshirt, $780 (available here); Topshop sweatshirt, $140 (available here); Emma Cook sweatshirt, $385 (available here).
Some of this season's best offerings are from Kenzo, with its ubiquitous tiger and evil eye motifs, and Mary Katrantzou, with her excellent prints of vibrant landscapes. (I am the proud new owner of a design from the former, which can be seen here.)

Are you fan of the high fashion sweatshirt? Let me know which of these is your favorite.

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  1. I adore Kenzo, and that Mary Katrantzou sweatshirt is just stunning. I think this is definitely a trend for the younger generations but I'd love to see it worn by older ones as well.