May 05, 2013

May Inspiration

Clockwise from top left: Street style photograph by Tommy Ton; Lilacs photograph, source unknown; Louise Amstrup Fall 2013, photo by Susie Lau for Style Bubble; Details March 2013, photographed by Lacey; Lulu Frost Vendome Earrings (available here).
I've been extremely busy in my internship at the Cut, and in my spare moments each day at the office I often spend time finding inspiration on the Internet, whether it be shopping online or browsing the newest images to show up on my Pinterest.
Creative pursuits are fueled by inspiration, which is why it is vital to tend to a growing collection of images and ideas that provoke thought. Most of the time I prefer my body of inspiration to be exclusively visual, as what I can see always affects me the most.

This May mood board that I created for Girl Loves Color contains a select few images, but it encompasses the different design aspects that have been inspiring me of late. I have here a cacophony of flowers, omnipresent in my springtime mindset, that play well with the shockingly bright patterns that I have been especially drawn to. These phenomenal earrings by Lulu Frost call to mind my recent obsession with vintage-inspired jewelry: "vintage-inspired" is a broad category, but I've been particularly drawn to the 1920s, Art Deco and The Great Gatsby. Lastly, street style never fails to get me going, particularly the sartorial aesthetic of photographer Tommy Ton. I'm very into the idea of using prints to inspire the color scheme of an outfit, as with this emerald and cerulean example.

If you have any inspiration to share, I'd love to see it.