January 15, 2013

Weave Me Alone

I love to collect handicrafts throughout my travels. This instance of souvenir shopping supports craftsmanship in a world becoming increasingly consumed by factory work. Forgo the tourist traps of magnets and tote bags emblazoned with the name of your current destination for a trinket that is more exotic. In the case of fashion and accessories, crafty finds add another dimension to a mainstream wardrobe. When we all shop at many of the same stores, it is nice to diversify.

Aruba is a notoriously touristic vacation island, but I discovered this hand-woven bucket bag on my recent getaway. My new addition marks a departure from a previously leather-focused collection of bags. It is roomy enough for my everyday necessities, yet upon the shoulder it is a subtle postcard from the latest destination.

Top: Elizabeth Peyton for Marc by Marc Jacobs; Jeans: Earnest Sewn.

I love to acquire colorful accessories, and I am excited to experiment with ways in which to pair this beautiful color scheme with varied apparel.

Have you discovered any unusual souvenirs in your travels?


  1. I went to Aruba with my family last year! Did you get a chance to go to the donkey sanctuary? In my opinion, it's the best thing on the whole island.

  2. No, I definitely missed some things on that visit. Nonetheless, it was fun!