January 22, 2013

Christian Dior Spring 2013 Couture

Relative newcomer to the house of Christian Dior, Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons showed the Spring 2013 Haute Couture show amongst a set of vibrant green foliage. In this fashion garden, the first breaths of spring emerged and Simons's aesthetic came to a ripe bloom.

The collection proves that his seasoned taste in minimalist tailoring can flourish under an arc of feminine charm. Technique was the reigning queen here, as it ought to be in the world of couture. Whereas select couture designers get carried away by a cacophony of detail, Simons's floral embellished frocks were extravagant and bold, yet most importantly tasteful. The use of color for these designs was sublime - a dark, glittering blue against translucent black; sparkling layers of red encircling petal pink, gold, blue and green.

Most of all, the sharpness of Simons's minimalism for Jil Sander took an exciting turn towards the dainty. The woman who wears the angular periwinkle dress is self-assured, have no doubt, but she does not sacrifice girlish charm for her power.

The simplest looks were masterfully done. Take note of the canary yellow gown with a cut-out sheer panel by the thigh. It is obvious that Simons knows his fabrics, for he has manipulated it into a cut that rests perfectly upon the body. Such craftsmanship puts other designers to shame.

Although the brief usage of luminescent fabrics did not quite succeed in enticing me and the outfits of layered separates proved somewhat unflattering in their bulk around the hips, the show was still an obvious high point for Simons. He is settling into his new seat of fashion power, and it is one that suits him.

Images from Style.com

A parting note: I have nothing but appreciation for the individuals who enliven couture with the technical skill and attention to detail that it demands.

Click here to the view the show in its entirety.
I recommend taking advantage of the Zoom tool; only up-close can one fully enjoy a haute couture design.

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  1. OMG that first Periwinkle dress is insane!