January 12, 2013

A New Year of Color

Although I'm a bit late to the party, I would like to impart some commentary on the turning of the new year. This transition is distinct in that it is a universal time for people to decide on a new vision for themselves. We sit down and transcribe a list of ways in which we would like to remake our personhood in the coming year. It is a noble effort, yet most would agree that it comes to naught as the newness of the year wanes and we settle into our old habits.

I could wax eloquent about the manner in which I hope to evolve this blog and my own personal fashion identity, but specifics seem to stick to their original form - writing, that is, rather than transferring into daily life.

This blog has carried itself into something more than intended at its initial birth. As Girl Loves Color approaches its third year of existence, it also approaches a celebration of the development of a new kind of creative thinking. My writing has matured from brief captions into analytical prose; my subjects have evolved from simple features to more complex juxtapositions between the niches of the art world and my own fashion ideas. Girl Loves Color has expanded upon my ideas of color and entered into something more: a different mode of thought, a different set of perspectives on the ways in which I bring creativity to various areas of life. What it is, I can't say exactly. The blog has brought itself here, guiding my teenage hand to the point at which I type these words.

Kathryn Schulz in this week's New York Magazine proposes, "maybe we humans change the way species do: through random variation." We make specific attempts to help ourselves (in this specific example, Schulz discusses the genre of self-help books), but is this really how we change?
Schulz says that the self helps itself. We dream up different hypotheses, but ultimately we must "throw all the options at the occluding wall of the self and see what sticks."

So, here is to a year of trying new things. I hope to bring Girl Loves Color more into the practice of my everyday life: becoming inventive in my everyday outfits and shopping habits, letting the inspiration I feel online flood my real-life fashion circumstances. I can't make a list of specifics to help me achieve these things, but I can try a multitude of things in order to make it work.

We can know how we wish to change, but we cannot identify what makes us change: this is the conclusion of Schulz's argument. And we can bring it to fashion as well.

I'm going shopping today, and I feel more informed than ever about the ways in which I want to update my wardrobe this year. I know how I want to bring colorful fashion to my 2013, and I am willing to experiment in order to fulfill this goal. I may not know what will bring me to the point I will be at on this day 2014, but I will know that somehow I got myself there.

Happy (belated) New Year!


  1. Good luck in achieving your goals for 2013! Also, I love your colorful inspiration, especially Miroslava Duma's blue ensemble!


  2. Damira Daca IbranovićJanuary 13, 2013 at 3:14 PM

    3rd pic is amazing... I wanna every peace....:)


  3. Maya,

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