December 09, 2012

JAU Label's Fashion Galaxy

JAU Label launched only last year, but designer Jessica Au has already garnered much attention for her  East London-based brand's conceptual aesthetic. Straying fashion's oft-consuming need for purpose, Au's work revels in its lack of a deeper meaning.

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection is entitled νέον - Greek for new one - and is built out of experimentation with new techniques and recycled fabrics in conjunction with VVVintage. Influences ranging from Die Antwoord's "Zef Style" to Japanese street style merged with Au's passions for illustration and intricate artistic concepts for a truly avant-garde collection.
The clothing combines comic-book elements with a space-age vibe, yet the output feels modern rather than kitschy. Perhaps it's because the futuristic qualities call upon the past: a long-sleeved aqua top feels reminiscent of Art Deco, while graphic bottoms are distinctly Pop Art.

JAU Label has enlivened the upcoming collection in a corresponding fashion film, entitled "Schizolog" and produced by Rob Heppell. The video captures a digital dystopia, where a model clad in various neon-tinged ensembles defies the laws of gravity amongst a variety of trippy computer-generated galaxies. The result, it could be said, adds an extra dimension to the clothing.

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Images courtesy of Jessica Au


  1. I really love the sweater in the third pic :D

  2. I really like the comic inspired skirt, it seems like there has been a bit of a resurgent interest in comics lately.