December 30, 2012

"Hug Me" by Si Chan

Macao-based designer Si Chan got a little handsy with his latest collection, wittily titled "Hug Me." His small men's collection explores series of hand movements as an expression of different interpersonal relationships. The designer emphasizes a variety of keywords as the foci of the collection: hugs, communication, happiness, comfort, childhood, warmth (the list continues).

Perhaps the main reason as to why this autumn/winter 2012 collection is arresting is that it is sourced directly from the heart. These are not designs created solely for the sake of avant-garde identity but rather serve as an embodiment of Chan's colorful emotions. As singers translate heartache into lyrical poetry, Chan brings his human vulnerability to fashion design. It's rare to see such a portrayal of feeling in an art form often designated as strictly commercial. He wants his audiences to truly think.

The London College of Fashion alumnus sums up his work as thus: "I'm creating, not making."

Images from Showtime: London College of Fashion
Photography by Sara Pista

Visit the designer's London College of Fashion page for more.


  1. Wow! This is really unique and inspiring!

  2. This is brilliant and I have never seen anything like it!