October 07, 2012

Youth Without Youth

reverie & mystique
Fall 2012's sophisticated fashion is a call to arms for the modern-day woman. Even continuing into Spring, we see sharp tailoring in crisp fabrics. Prints lean towards avant-garde rather than playful or childish.

In the midst of this I ask, where do I fit in?

I recently read a thought-provoking blog post by Jennine Jacob on The Coveted on what it means to dress your age. Whereas some consider this to be a debate about fashion and sexuality, I encounter a different conflict as a teenager absorbed with fashion. Rather, I feel as if I come with two separate fashion personalities. How can I successfully interweave them?

I had to describe my style using three words for an upcoming feature on Material Wrld and found myself at a loss. 
I instinctively consider my style to be sophisticated and colorful but also simple, with minimal accessorizing. At the same time, I envision myself in my casual/put-together formula for schooldays and weekends. I have a penchant for brightly printed vintage and new blouses, but these tops never see the light of day around my age group.
Is style what you like or what you wear? To me, these are two very different cliques.

My hope is to mesh my fashion personalities: the teenage with the adult. Fashion outings will see more from my youthful self; school days will see more of the sophisticated fashion that makes me swoon.

I suppose that, ultimately, dressing my age means wearing whatever I like and not limiting myself with a two-digit number.

What do you think about "dressing for your age?"

Photograph by Petra Collins

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