October 28, 2012

Surreal Florals: Annie Collinge's Collage Sketches

The work of London-born, Brooklyn-based photographer Annie Collinge has a tinge of dystopian fantasy. Her photographs find beauty in darkness and melancholy - or perhaps the other way around. The images are somewhat of a riff on the idea of paradise: from the haunting images of The Underwater Mermaid Theatre to the stills of doll heads in Unwanted Objects. 

As photography is a window, Collinge's Collage Sketches are the antique mirror, foggy and cracked in the corner of the attic. Her use of florals is breathtaking; few artists can successfully sever florals from their dainty stereotype.
For fall/winter in the fashion landscape, I am drawn to the idea of a moodier floral. Whereas flowers are tied to springtime and sunshine, these blooms do not emerge until after dark.

Annie Collenge
Sweatshirt from Etsy (available here), Dolce & Gabbana floral skirt (available here), Nicholas Kirkwood pumps (available here), Bottega Veneta box clutch (available here), Aldo ring (available here).

Visit collinge.com
Collage sketch credit to Annie Collinge


  1. I love the sweater with the eye ! :)

    - Fashion Ramble

  2. Stunning, great post

  3. That sweater is pretty much the coolest thing ever, great find!