October 09, 2012

Dream Day

I have been drowning in everyday obligations. I am stuck in a cycle of schoolwork and cuffed jeans and Converse. I think I have worn the same vintage cashmere sweater five days in a row.
Needless to say, a vacation would be nice. The sky is increasingly pessimistic, which does not encourage the best in anyone.

Fashion has naturally provided the thesis to my yearning. Italian label Leitmotiv endearingly dubbed their Spring/Summer 2013 collection "Dream Day."
My broken English translation aside (quotations here are rephrased to fit our grammatical rules), Leitmotiv's provided autobiography is beautifully written. It perfectly captures the essence of the clothing, designed by duo Fabio Sasso and Juan Caro.
Leitmotiv is likened to a music box, "leaning on a bare gray dresser in a dusty room" that, when opened, "leaves a melody that is somehow colored with all shades that do not include sadness and melancholy."
I am sold.

Dream Day is "the desire to journey without a destination."
Here, we discover loose garments stemming from a rainbow of colors. Prints incorporate whispered inspirations of Baroque and Gothic styles. Graphic depictions of billboard lettering and resort pools simultaneously call to mind a barren Los Angeles and 60s-era Miami. Modern stripes in bright hues finish hems of simply shaped dresses.
The end result is a combination of past and modern moods, and it incites a sort of nostalgia for a summer we never had.

All images via Letimotiv
Photographs by Matteo Felici


  1. Really lovely looks :)

  2. those are some cooool outfits!!