August 20, 2012

Lust List: Fall Sweaters

There's nothing better than shopping for sweaters come fall. A thin pullover serves as a shield from intense air-conditioning during the summer and is equally adept when outside is equally breezy.

Much of our appearance refers to beauty is pain, e.g. waxing, plucking and/or poking your eye with a mascara wand. Similarly, the fashion industry thrives on a population of consumers that are willing to sacrifice comfort for style: see stilettos, tight waistlines and/or bare legs.
However, this isn't a musing about why we go through so much for the sake of fashion and style. Rather, I like to think of fall as a time of comfort. I relish the ability to thrown on a slightly oversized sweater with skinny jeans and boots and walk out the door; it's a simple solution for put-together casual chic.

To launch my venture into the land of sweater shopping, I've compiled some favorites that will be informing my purchases. From a ribbed knit in a subdued shade of blue to an emerald green pullover decorated with a raccoon graphic, there are so many ways to keep warm!

Fall Sweaters
First row (left-right): Acne sweater (available here), Rebecca Taylor pullover (available here), Rag & Bone top (available here).
Second Row: Sonia by Sonia Rykiel paisley jumper (available here), Sonia Rykiel Racoon sweater (available here).
Third row: Tory Burch peplum sweater (available here), Monki sweater (available here), J. Crew polka-dot sweater (available here).
I'm always busiest in the fall, even more so this year with so many plans lined up. I like to look orderly without deliberating over a potential pairing for twenty minutes. Therefore I'll be filling up my closet with the best of the cozy knits. There is more variety than ever, with well-loved staples being sold alongside fun textures, prints, graphics and even peplums.
And with so many sales still on, there aren't many reasons to deny yourself comfortable sweaters at great prices.

Which sweaters are on your wishlist, and how will you be styling them come fall? Leave a comment and let me know where you'll be shopping for yours.


  1. So many great options. I love the bright colors they are definitely perfect for fall.
    xx Chloe

  2. I love winter sweaters. I'm probably not going to be wearing sweaters as all this fall as I'll be in California. It's going to be weird... :/

    Ava Tallulah

  3. me too! I'm starting to love sweaters now. I think they can really spice up a casual get up. The hard part is, I can't find one that has a good quality.

  4. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! beautiful post! xx

  5. Definitely. I've emailed you some good quality suggestions, so hopefully that will help!

  6. I love new knits and vintage knits too. You can never have too many! xo