August 02, 2012

Dress to Empower

One of the things that I enjoy about interning in an office space is the care to choose out an outfit each morning. Although the dress code is rather casual, I always prefer to veer towards formality in a professional setting, particularly because I am always the youngest individual.

As a fan of color and print, I like to keep the elements of an outfit to a minimum. The consistency with which I drape myself in eye-catching garments has led to a point where I rarely accessorize. The clothes can speak for themselves, and it is in the power of skillful design to do so.

Mary Katrantzou has long-mastered the technique with which she may tell a story through fabrics and fantastical prints. Her work is always a guest on Girl Loves Color for its consistency with theme of the blog as well as my ongoing admiration for her creative talents.
Mary's most recent collaboration with Topshop marked an evolution (and expansion) for my wardrobe. As I mature into an adult, items that formerly held a place in my teenage heart have had to make way for transitional garb that allows the free-spirited fun of youth but innately contains a budding sophistication that can be summoned in later years.
The Mary Katrantzou for Topshop SS'12 collaboration did just this for me. The collection is no longer available, but as the hype has withdrawn, I am able to clearly see that the exclusive line can do for me what many garments cannot.
Simply, as I progress through these years, my wardrobe must grow with me. While many possessions will be donated and sold in favor of new ones that match the next age, a select few will be able to stay with me throughout the journey.
I wholeheartedly entrust Mary with the task.

Dress by Mary Katrantzou for Topshop (SS'12 collection images here), Topshop belt (no longer available), Welcome to Mupp clutch bag (shop similar styles here), J. Crew sandals (available here).

This dress has a way of becoming a second skin. As I walk the New York City streets, I feel empowered by my boldly printed garb but not betrayed by the attention it may garner.
Many statement designs are inseparable from self-consciousness. They must be worn with modern confidence and a pleasant demeanor.
And some statements, with the attention they demand, expose the wearer and his or her vulnerabilities.
This dress celebrates confidence and wipes away feelings of insecurity. It's a feel-good piece.


  1. Love the print of your dress! Very summery!


  2. Gorgeous dress, love Mary Katrantzou!

  3. LOVE that mirror print! :)

    Xo Sahra

  4. such a cute dress!

  5. That dress is definitely a life-long piece - I'm so upset I missed out on the Topshop collection! That print, like all of her prints, is stunning! And I see we have the same philosophy - minimal accessories, and let the print do the talking!

    Happy Sunday! :)
    ♡jillysorelle in style

  6. That dress is fabulous! I'm glad you feel confident in that dress- you should. It's amazing and you rock it :)


  7. That dress looks stunning on you! I love the pattern and mix of colors on it, and it looks great with that clutch :)

  8. Love your outfit you look amazing!
    Love your blog now following, hope you can check mine out too =)

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