May 10, 2012

Shoes Like No Other

I have always appreciated the personal touches incorporated into fashion. For this reason, I asked my artist aunt if she would be willing to customize a pair of shoes as a birthday present. I am glad to say that she agreed, and the results of her careful labor arrived just a few days ago. What started out as a plain pair of white slip-on Keds has transformed into a work of art, decorated by hand and now able to roam the bustling streets of the city I call home. My only request, unsurprisingly, was that the final product be colorful. And colorful they are! I am so happy with the end result, and the rain we've experienced has subsided for now, therefore today I was able to don my new acquisition for the first time.
The beauty of these shoes is that they are subtle but loud, a paradox that inevitably enables the feet to capture the eye of the beholder yet not distract from the other elements of an outfit. The color scheme is versatile and the skillfully executed design juxtaposed with the classic simplicity of the Keds silhouette creates an updated version of a casual foundational piece.

Madewell denim shirt (worn as jacket), Free People striped dress, Echo floral print scarf (from Anthropologie), customized Keds shoes.

Photographs taken with my iPhone 4S

It's quite exciting to possess a pair of shoes like no other in the entire world. Of course, it is even more special that they were painted for me by a member of my family.
I am so happy to have received this one-of-a-kind present.


  1. wow! they are lovely shoes! :)

  2. Gorgeous shoes! Love your blog and so I've nominated you for a blog award :) details are here:

  3. You look gorgeous!
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    MaryKapsi for TheFashionGuitar

  4. great photos! I would love it if we followed each other. I'll be following you through GFC!

  5. Cute outfit! Love your scarf and those shoes are so unique!

    xoxo Rosalia