April 27, 2012

Smart Girl's Guide for Unpredictable Weather

My mind has gradually been brewing ideas for a summer footwear post, both for my benefit and yours: my closet's warm weather shoe department has never been more bare. In the midst of beginning such a post, I realized that perhaps this isn't the most rational decision.
If you live in the United States like me, or perhaps even in select other countries (I do admit that I rarely pay attention to the climate outside America), you surely will have noticed that temperatures are experiencing severe spasms of indecisiveness. It seems that civilization's guide to the seasons of the year is no longer relevant. Though there are certainly other issues to worry about in relation to such a pattern, one of the most common questions during these unpredictable time periods is what to wear. One day you may see neighbors in shorts and flip-flops, and the next day street style transforms into a collage of cozy sweaters.
The easy solution is utilizing the art of layering. Tricky as it may seem, there really are a few simple ways that can become your go-tos in times like these. Below you will find three ways to ensure a comfortable body temperature at all times, even when nature goes haywire. In the process, you'll be surprisingly chic and just a little bit colorful.

Lesson One: Layering 101


3.1 Phillip Lim cardigan, Topshop dress, Erickson Beamon bracelet, Hansel from Basel socks, Fiorentini and Baker boots.

This outfit is pretty simple. The dress is the focal point, and the cardigan adds texture and warmth. The combination of the boots and socks with the rest of the outfit feels rugged, adding contrast to the dress and bracelet. If extra warmth is needed, add black tights of the thickness you desire. On a breezy day, this outfit can go without a jacket. Take off the cardigan when it gets too hot.
You may be wondering why I combined this stunning multicolored bracelet with a dress that is already a statement piece. I had an instinct to add more color, and I acted on it. The combination is a bit crazy, but anyone with confidence can pull it off.

Lesson Two: The Joys of Oversized Sweaters


VPL sweater, Rag & Bone t-shirt, J Brand skinny jeans, Roberto Cavalli scarf, AllSaints earrings, Ash studded boots.

This is my favorite layering trick of all time, because everywhere I go is a different temperature, sometimes even within the same building.
Start with your favorite pair of jeans of any wash and cut (except jeans that flare at the ankle). Add a comfortable cotton or cotton-blend t-shirt in a bright hue or interesting print. One or two pieces of neutral jewelry, such as the metallic dangles above, will suffice for accessorizing.
The key to the look is the perfect, thick-knit oversized sweater. The best varieties come from the male side of the spectrum (i.e. dig through the closets of any male friends, relatives, or significant others). It may take some time to find one that fits you with the perfect amount of slouch that doesn't drown you in fabric, but you'll know it when you see it. Wear said sweater over your tee and add a brightly printed lightweight scarf. Footwear is negotiable; I would recommend a versatile pair of boots.
Put these pieces together, and you've got two great outfits in one. Chillier temperatures call for sweater + scarf + jeans, while warmer temperatures enable you to relinquish sweater and scarf for a comfortable t-shirt and jeans pairing. (Keep the scarf on provided it doesn't clash with your top.)

Lesson Three: Don't Worry, I Have Something Under This


ALC open-knit sweater, J Crew denim shirt, Tucker tank top, J Brand jeans, rings by House of Harlow and Topshop, H&M ballet flats.

All collages made using polyvore.com

Layering doesn't get any more extreme than this: three outfits in one (or perhaps more, if you shed the middle or bottom layer).
This is actually pretty simple, however. Start with a pretty tank top and a pair of jeans in a dainty hue. Add a denim shirt and button it up (another option is leaving it open, in which case it serves as a complement to the tank); these salmon colored jeans serve as a wonderful foundation for double denim. If you aren't warm enough, a cozy open-knit sweater thrown on top of the denim is casually chic but practical, and the open knit allows some of the denim shirt to peek through. Sure, there's a lot going on, but it all works.
Accessories must be kept to the bare minimum. Dainty gold flats are fitting without being distracting. Slightly subtle rings with a tough vibe contrast the feminine ensemble.

It's impossible to say whether the temperature will choose a range of degrees and stick with it. Regardless, you're now prepared for anything. Layering is a good skill to master, because especially in this day and age, it comes in handy. Think of me and remember to add a pop of color.


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