June 23, 2011

Blog on Vacation

To my lovely readers,

I will be away for the next month and a half and will be without Internet access. Because of this, I will be unable to blog. However, my mind will be swirling with colorful ideas and I will be anxious to return to Girl Loves Color!
In the meantime, I welcome you to look through old Girl Loves Color posts. I will also leave you with a colorful image to contemplate while I'm gone.

Best wishes,


Cynthia Rowley, Resort 2012
Image from style.com

June 21, 2011

Hungry for Prada

Photographs from the colorful fall 2011 Prada ad campaign were released yesterday, shot by Steven Meisel. 
The images give off a luxurious but relaxed vibe and the clothing and accessories are effortlessly chic, which would only be expected from an icon like Miuccia Prada. 

What do we have to look forward to? A collection that challenges symbols of female glamour; clichés such as sequins and the color pink become innocent under Miuccia's masterful hand. Instead of accentuating the feminine figure, the fall collection emphasized a boyish silhouette, reminiscent of the flapper era. Color block patterns evoke Yves Saint Laurent's famous Mondrian dress. The use of a scale-like texture seems to be inspired by mermaids. Overall, the collection was full of the elegance and confidence that Prada is known for.

All images from style.com

I will be waiting to see what arrives in Prada stores in the fall. I'm sure no one will be disappointed.

June 20, 2011

Colorful Extras

Accessories are an important part of any outfit. They add extra flourishes, adding another level of complexity to any outfit. Accessories say a lot about the woman who wears them. In particular, bags and shoes give personality to an outfit, providing that extra pop of interest. I have always loved colorful accessories for the wonderful transformative powers they bring to any ensemble. They turn boring and blah into powerful and intriguing. They're versatile, eye-catching, and unusual.
Below are some colorful accessory brands that have stood out to me recently. 

Diego Dolcini

It can be difficult to create a classy design when using multiple colors. I'm sure many designers avoid color for this reason, worried that their designs will end up looking cheesy or clownish. Diego Dolcini, however, is an exception. He uses color with skill, sculpting elegant shoes and handbags into elegant multi-hued creations that are beautiful and sophisticated.
Dolcini launched his brand in 1994. He has worked with Emilio Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Bulgari, among others. The company is known for its luxurious shoes that "emphasize the beauty of female feet." The designs are influenced by art, cinema, and architecture, the latter of which is visibly apparent in the structure of Dolcini's creations.


I have always yearned for the perfect whimsical bag: one that effortlessly combines fun with ladylike sophistication. It seems that this once intangible desire has become reachable, now that I have discovered the fall 2011 line of Kotur bags. Adorned with playful details, the bags don't sacrifice elegance for playfulness. Rich colors add a luxe vibe to the designs, while feathers and the like add an exotic quality that one can't quite describe.
Born and raised in New York, Fiona Kotur's line was inspired by vintage brocades made by a 90-year-old man in Hong Kong. After the man retired, Kotur, a co-founder of Tory Burch, was driven to start her own business. The first Kotur collection was in 2004 and was soon picked up by stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Scoop, Harvey Nichols, and Browns. Kotur offers bags in a wide variety of price ranges, from three or four hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars. The bags mix modern innovation and tradition and are inspired by a variety of exotic places.
Jerome C. Rousseau

I have always been a fan of architectural details. Geometrics, interestingly shaped silhouettes...I love it all. Even my own fashion designs reflect this adoration. I believe that shoes, in particular, are like sculptures. They are molded around the foot, structured to give support. Thus I was utterly enraptured by the designs of Jerome C. Rousseau as soon as I stumbled upon them. The shoes are beautifully crafted, combining rich colors with unusual shapes that give each pair a modern, luxurious quality. One can tell how well-made the shoes are simply by looking at images of them. Simpler pairs make a statement and detailed pairs catch the eye and will cause many second glances.
Born in Quebec, Jerome C. Rousseau first started sketching footwear after being inspired by the retro shoes of a Deee-Lite video. He studied at London's Cordwainers College and later worked with designers such as Matthew Williamson, Isabella Fiore, and John Rocha. Rousseau launched his eponymous line in 2008 and has since been featured in many publications worldwide. The shoes are crafted in Italy by hand and are inspired by European design, modern art, pop culture, and nightlife. 

All images from style.com

For more information about each brand, you can visit their respective websites.
Diego Dolcini: diegodolcini.it
Kotur: koturltd.com
Jerome C. Rousseau: jeromecrousseau.com


June 16, 2011

Inspired By Polaroids

I'm obsessed with Polaroids. They always seem to turn out beautifully, no matter what the photo depicts. I've always found this form of photography to be the most inspiring for me, so today I thought I'd style some outfits based on Polaroids.

The following images were shot by Marion Dubier-Clark.


Tibi maxidress, Roberto Cavalli heels, Irene Neuwirth cuff, Mulberry bag.

I was inspired by the colors in this Polaroid, as well as the vibe that the Statue of Liberty's dress gives off, which is in part Grecian. The maxidress has a beautiful color and together with the sandals feels reminiscent of Greek style. Turquoise jewelry adds to the summery, relaxed feel. A utilitarian bag contrasts the graceful femininity of the outfit.

D&G dress, Alexander McQueen clutch, Stephan & Co. necklace, Aldo heels.

This outfit is dainty and feminine, just like the Polaroid I was inspired by. The rose instantly reminded me of D&G's spring 2011 collection, from which I chose this floral dress. The texture of the other flowers in the Polaroid inspired me to choose heels adorned with feathers. The necklace adds charm and the pink color adds softness. The bright red clutch adds toughness to a sweet ensemble. 
This outfit would be perfect to wear to a wedding. 

Polaroids from mariondubierclark.com

M Missoni cardigan, The Row dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs bangles,
vintage Nina Ricci heels.

The zig-zag of the fire escape in this Polaroid inspired my M Missoni choice because the brand is known for its zig-zag patterns. The Polaroid is neutral in color, so the cardigan, dress, and bangles are all neutral. I chose these bangles because of their architectural feel. I added the vintage Nina Ricci heels because on Girl Loves Color every outfit must include color! The color of the heels is inspired by the bits of sky visible in the corners of the image.

Thanks to polyvore.com

There you have it: my Polaroid-inspired outfits! Let me know what you think and leave a comment!

Edit: The Polaroid for the third outfit in the original version of this post could not be found, so this outfit has been removed.

June 12, 2011

Jen Kao

Made in New York, Jen Kao's eponymous line debuted in spring of 2008. Kao was born in Los Angeles and raised in Kansas, later studying Studio Art at NYU. She had a passion for fine art but soon discovered an interest in textile construction. After NYU, she obtained a graduate degree in fashion design from Parsons. 
Nowadays, Kao is known for being innovative and experimental with her silhouettes, materials, and prints. The designs are created with a specific customer in mind: Kao says that her customer "is a woman who is always moving and always making things move." Kao's customer knows how to intelligently convey her sexuality and appreciates comfort.

Information sourced from Jen Kao's Facebook page.

Fall 2011:

A shoe from the fall 2011 collection:

Resort 2011:

All images from style.com

Although Kao's website is currently undergoing renovations, right now you can visit it at jenkao.com and watch a video of the fall 2011 show.

June 11, 2011

Julien Fournié

Julien Fournié is a French fashion designer who launched his eponymous haute couture company in 2009.
After two years of studying medicine, Fournié decided to study fashion instead, graduating from the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in 2000. He was awarded the Moet & Chandon prize for best accessories on his graduation day.
Before founding his own label, Fournié worked at several different fashion houses, including Nina Ricci, Christian Dior for accessories, and Givenchy haute couture. He was then hired by Jean Paul Gaultier as assistant designer in haute couture, getting the chance to help work on the costumes for a Madonna tour.
He was named creative director at Torrente and later the Parisian brand Ramosport, which was eventually bought by the Groupe Georges Rech. At this point, Fournié decided that it was time to launch his own brand. In January 2011, he was granted guest member status by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Française, meaning that he was allowed to bear the "Haute Couture" label and participate in Paris Haute Couture fashion week.

Information sourced from wikipedia.org

Fournié's spring couture 2011 collection featured candy-colored confections with whimsically luxurious silhouettes. Many garments and details seemed Asian-inspired, particularly a dress reminiscent of the style of a kimono. Color palettes ranged from that of a bright sunset to neons and pastels that dominated a look. Overall, the collection is fun, playful, and exotic. 

Images from wwd.com

For more information about Julien Fournié, you can visit his website at julienfournie.com.