November 30, 2011

Bright Thinkers

For most people, going to school isn't the ideal choice for how to spend one's day. I know that a lot of youths - especially girls - feel pressured to look a certain way or dress a certain way during school hours, according to the standards set by those considered "cool." It can be hard to wear something different to school, like colored jeans or a really great pair of heels, and I know that often I go to school not feeling quite like myself. Of course, I try to dress true to my personality, but I know I'm not the only one who has that little voice that tells you not to wear something because it's "too weird" or "no one will like it." In reality, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of what you wear: you're the one who matters. But school would be a very different place if everyone was able to stick to that thought all the time. It's rare to find a person who isn't influenced by others' opinions.
Long story short, this is often why there is a lack of color in the wintertime at school. Most girls this time of year wear jeans (blue or black), boots (brown or black), and a sweater (black or white). This doesn't create a lot of variety, and to make things harder, it can be difficult to find apparel that is both comfortable and suitable for the climate.
I have an easy solution for us students, no matter how old you are: invest in a colorful bag for carrying around your books. An unusual tote or backpack can instantly reset your mood at the beginning of a new day; I've found that carrying a more cheerful looking bag makes me happier! (You may remember my post on the bag that I carry for school.) It's also an easy - and subtle - way to add color to your outfit in the gloomy wintertime. What more could you ask for? Here are some suggestions for backpacks and totes, as well as an example outfit.


ASOS backpack
Multi Check Backpack, $64


LeSportsac Basic Backpack -
Basic backpack, $88


Vera Bradley
Vera Bradley Backpack-Happy Snails -
Happy Snails, $88


Which of these bags is your favorite? Where is/was your school bag from? Let me know with a comment!

November 26, 2011

Three Ways: Neon Tank Top

Neon is a tricky hue to master. Known as "highlighter shades," neons are the brightest of the bright, which is probably why they're so difficult to style. In this Three Ways post, I'll show you how to master neon in one of its basic forms: the tank top.

Christopher Kane top

Christopher Kane neon jersey tank, $145

 Oasis coat, Pyramid Collection dress, Aymara socks, Madewell boots.

Why this outfit works: The neon orange works well with the color palette of the dress when layered underneath. A maroon military-style coat adds a cold-weather feel and thick knit socks and boots contrast the feminine dress while adding warmth.

Reiss blouse, J Brand velvet legging, Jeffrey Campbell booties, Noemi Klein studs, Amrita Singh bracelet.

Why this outfit works: Wear the tank top underneath a neutral blouse for a pop of color. The velvet leggings add an interesting texture contrast. Elegant gold earrings are feminine but subtle and a bracelet with navy stones pairs well with the leggings. Booties elevate the look to a new level of chicness.

JW Anderson leather jacket, blanknyc jeans, Forever 21 combat boots, Peter Lang necklace.

Why this outfit works: Orange and blue color block well, with a colorful necklace combining the shades. A tough leather jacket and combat boots add contrast.

Which of these outfits is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section! I'd also love to hear how you would wear this tank top.


November 09, 2011

Three Ways: Colorful Statement Necklace

The name says it all: statement necklaces sure do make a statement. That's why many women shy away from them. It's difficult to wear something so bold in public, and even more so when the aforementioned item is extremely colorful. Another thing to bear in mind is that these accessories are quite costly; the majority are handmade, and a handful of them are even one-of-a-kind. However, statement necklaces are unusual and extremely beautiful; if you can afford one, it can be worth the investment no matter how often you wear it.
I've written this post to show you how to incorporate a colorful statement necklace into your outfits. I hope these suggestions are helpful to those who already own similar pieces or inspiring to those who yearn for them. The example I'm using is pretty over-the-top, but you can find subtler and less expensive necklaces at the end of the post.

Assad Mounser Wild Horses Mega Collar
Image from

Rag & Bone blazer, Balmain blouse, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Frye boots.

Why this outfit works: The purple blouse is a good backdrop for the statement necklace, whose color palette contains purple in it. Jeans add a casual quality to a dressy top-half and combat boots contrast the feminine blouse and necklace.

Jil Sander belted dress, Brian Atwood platform pumps.

Why this outfit works: This formal ensemble keeps it simple. A goldenrod yellow perfectly complements the gold in the necklace. Choose pumps that match your skin tone for a lengthening effect; it also avoids taking the attention away from the necklace, which is the highlight of the outfit.

Rag & Bone shirt, Theory shorts, H&M oxfords.

Why this outfit works: A combination of neutral pieces allows a statement necklace to steal the show and doesn't cause the issue of color clashing. The top and shorts combine casual and classy for an effortless look, while oxfords add boyish appeal. Add black tights for extra warmth or maroon tights if you're feeling edgy.

Let me know what you think of the three outfits I styled. Would you wear a necklace like the Assad Mounser one I used for my Three Ways?