August 15, 2011

Translate the Trends

Almost every fashion magazine you pick up nowadays is emblazoned with headlines about the "latest trends." The trends are specific styles, colors, decades, silhouettes, etc. represented in a multitude of runway shows. But how does this relate to us, the humble customer? These said magazines attempt to make the trends for the current season work for the everyday woman's wardrobe, but in reality these "affordable" or "easy to wear" looks aren't always what they're supposed to be. Not that I'm criticizing the magazine industry (in fact, my dream job is to work at a fashion magazine!), but I believe that ordinary women need something slightly different than many of these magazines are providing. This brings me to the subject of today's post. Since these trends can be hard to pull off, I thought I'd give some help - in typical Girl Loves Color fashion, of course!

The following trends (as said by are from the Fall 2011 season.

Polka Dots

Cheap Monday tank top, Uniqlo jeans, Oasis scarf, bracelets (top to bottom) by Whistles and SequinBelle Noel ring.

Start small with a polka dot scarf in a bright color. At $23, you can subtly reference a trend for a great price. Wear the scarf to work paired with a sophisticated blazer or casually on the weekends with boyfriend jeans and a slouchy top. 
Why this outfit works: Boyfriend jeans contrast the fun, girly vibe of the polka dots. The tank top acts as a neutral background for the scarf. Sophisticated jewelry glams up the everyday outfit.

For the adventurous: Try a vintage-style polka dot dress. Accessorize with a colorful messenger bag and modern heels and jewelry so your look isn't stuck in the past.

Pattern Mixing
H&M sweater and skirt, bag from Modcloth, Topshop boots, Club Manhattan earrings.

There's no need to be afraid of this trend. Begin with a simple example by mixing stripes with florals; the only trick is that the color schemes should share one color.
Why this outfit works: Both the top and the skirt have blue in them, so they go well together. Studded boots add toughness to a sweet ensemble, as do studded earrings.

For the adventurous: Try mixing a patterned blouse with printed pants. Remember to separate the two pieces with neutrals.


Modcloth dress, Lodis clutch, Steve Madden heels, Kate Spade earrings, Amrita Singh bracelet.

Channel the 60s with an A-line minidress and t-strap heels. 
Why this outfit works: A sophisticated dress pairs well with an edgy take on the 60s t-strap style. A purple clutch and green gems add color to the neutrals and help modernize the dress.

For the adventurous: Try flared trouser jeans. To update the look, add a motorcycle jacket, fitted sweater, and high heels. Add color by accessorizing with a bright handbag.

I hope this post has made you more confident about mastering the season's latest trends. You can make any of these trends work for you, so don't get discouraged. Need extra help? Leave a comment with your question and e-mail address and I'll get right back to you!



  1. Really great post! I love the outfit on polka dots, it's definitely my style!

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  3. I totally agree with your entry - magazines definitely can be a bit unrealistic and impractical at times. Outfits with the "latest" trends look incomparably better on paper than in person. I really like how you created sets for the everyday girl. I try to blog about personal style that is accessible for everyday life. fabulous post!

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  4. It definitely did! I think I'm going to be bold and try to pattern mix more often.

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