August 27, 2011

Eley Kishimoto

Eley Kishimoto, otherwise known as "the patron saints of print," is a company founded by Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto that strives to create designs that are simple yet creative, immune to trends and fads. Eley Kishimoto has gained a reputation for "incisive and intelligent print design" that has graced catwalks around the world via collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander McQueen, among others. The first Eley Kishimoto womenswear collection was launched in the mid-90's and was so successful that the line has been continued to this day. More design products followed: wallpapers, furniture, glassware, and more have helped the company expand its consumer outreach and have made the brand attractive to a large audience. Eley Kishimoto is continuing to expand and develop its lines of products, the company's growth and success seeming to have no boundaries.

I was attracted to Eley Kishimoto's current collection of womenswear for the obvious reason. The brand is unafraid of color and mixing prints, two of my favorite things. Of course, these clothes are not for the timid; the designs are certainly quite bold and out-there. The lookbook in particular puts together pieces in unique and innovative ways that may indeed scare some prospective customers away. However, each individual garment is extremely wearable, yet still creative and one-of-a-kind. The silhouettes are rather simple, as the focus here is on the colors and prints. This enables each piece to flatter all sorts of body types, as opposed to the tricky silhouettes of more experimental brands. Overall, the collection is beautiful and extremely cheerful, wonderful to look at when one is anxiously awaiting a monstrous hurricane.

Images from

Not ready for the daring colors and prints of Eley Kishimoto's clothing? There are other ways to incorporate the brand into your closet. In fact, the company can whip up a mean batch of brogues.


Images from


Images from

If you're not one to wear bold clothing and accessories (though I encourage you to try it out!), Eley Kishimoto has found other ways to add color into your life.

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In addition, make sure to look out for new collaborations with all types of companies, as Eley Kishimoto always seems to have numerous projects going on at once.

For more information, check out the company's website.

On another note, this is officially Girl Love Color's 100th post! I'm so amazed at how time has flown. It seems like just yesterday I started this blog. I'd like to thank all my lovely readers for keeping with me and helping me make it this far. I greatly appreciate your support.
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August 22, 2011

Venessa Arizaga

Jewelry makes or breaks an outfit.
There's an easy solution if you have a small collection of clothing, or if you simply believe that the clothes you do have aren't intriguing enough for the fashion world. Invest in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. 
Jewelry is an easy way to add that special something to any outfit. And a jewelry collection doesn't take up as much room as a clothing collection, that's for sure. 
This is where Venessa Arizaga comes in. Originally a fashion designer who worked for brands such as Carolina Herrera and Zac Posen, a trip to Puerto Rico in 2007 inspired her to make jewelry, giving her the freedom that she always dreamt of to explore her own aesthetic. Her designs feature bold colored threads woven through sophisticated chains, fun charms dangling here and there. 

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Arizaga's mixed-media jewelry is expressive, fun, and - most importantly - creative and one-of-a-kind. The unusual pieces will certainly garner many awestruck expressions and enthusiastic compliments.

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Venessa Arizaga jewelry is available at Opening Ceremony and Henri Bendel in New York City (where the designer is based), Ikram in Chicago, and Colette in Paris, among other locations. The pieces are also available on the designer's website.

August 19, 2011

Women Wear the Pants

There has been a serious outbreak of colorful trousers this season. They're everywhere!
Pants are our go-to garments. We wear them with everything. They're our neutrals, the clothes we rely on. So it probably never occurred to you to buy a pair of hot pink pants.
But it should.
Color is everywhere nowadays, and it's time to seize the moment and take a chance. You don't have to splurge; many stores, such as Topshop and Express (among others), offer a fair share of options for good prices so you can try out the trend.
Sometimes, though, a woman needs some help when it comes to color. That's where I come in.
Use the following suggestions to guide you in your journey; it's going to be a fun ride.

Sass & Bide pants, Etoile Isabel Marant sweater, Dolce Vita wedges, necklace from Modcloth, Kendra Scott ring.

Why this outfit works: The hue of these pants is somewhat subdued, so soft and cozy neutrals go well with the pants. Gold goes with everything, but a statement necklace with simple architecture doesn't distract from the gorgeous color of the pants. The ring is beautiful in this ensemble because it's from a similar color family as the purple shade.

Reiss pants, Factory by Erik Hart jacket, Equipment blouse, Topshop pumps, American Apparel watch, Kevia ring.

Why this outfit works: The two shades of blue of the blouse and pants go well together. A neutral jacket, sweet pumps, and a delicate jewel toned ring add subtle feminine touches. The male-inspired gold watch adds contrast.

J Crew pants, Chloe cardigan, 3.1 Phillip Lim silk top, Aldo heels, Warehouse belt, Elizabeth Cole bangles.

Why this outfit works: Tan and blush hues work well with orange, as opposed to pairing the color with black, which will look Halloween-like. A thick cardigan and silk top pair well together because of the contrast in texture. The tailored quality of the cardigan, however, prevents the wearer from drowning in her clothes. Because orange has red in it, the red heels go well with the pants. Gold bangles add a delicate touch. A leopard belt adds personality but isn't distracting. 

You can work those colorful pants! They're way more versatile than you think. Buy them while you can.

August 15, 2011

Translate the Trends

Almost every fashion magazine you pick up nowadays is emblazoned with headlines about the "latest trends." The trends are specific styles, colors, decades, silhouettes, etc. represented in a multitude of runway shows. But how does this relate to us, the humble customer? These said magazines attempt to make the trends for the current season work for the everyday woman's wardrobe, but in reality these "affordable" or "easy to wear" looks aren't always what they're supposed to be. Not that I'm criticizing the magazine industry (in fact, my dream job is to work at a fashion magazine!), but I believe that ordinary women need something slightly different than many of these magazines are providing. This brings me to the subject of today's post. Since these trends can be hard to pull off, I thought I'd give some help - in typical Girl Loves Color fashion, of course!

The following trends (as said by are from the Fall 2011 season.

Polka Dots

Cheap Monday tank top, Uniqlo jeans, Oasis scarf, bracelets (top to bottom) by Whistles and SequinBelle Noel ring.

Start small with a polka dot scarf in a bright color. At $23, you can subtly reference a trend for a great price. Wear the scarf to work paired with a sophisticated blazer or casually on the weekends with boyfriend jeans and a slouchy top. 
Why this outfit works: Boyfriend jeans contrast the fun, girly vibe of the polka dots. The tank top acts as a neutral background for the scarf. Sophisticated jewelry glams up the everyday outfit.

For the adventurous: Try a vintage-style polka dot dress. Accessorize with a colorful messenger bag and modern heels and jewelry so your look isn't stuck in the past.

Pattern Mixing
H&M sweater and skirt, bag from Modcloth, Topshop boots, Club Manhattan earrings.

There's no need to be afraid of this trend. Begin with a simple example by mixing stripes with florals; the only trick is that the color schemes should share one color.
Why this outfit works: Both the top and the skirt have blue in them, so they go well together. Studded boots add toughness to a sweet ensemble, as do studded earrings.

For the adventurous: Try mixing a patterned blouse with printed pants. Remember to separate the two pieces with neutrals.


Modcloth dress, Lodis clutch, Steve Madden heels, Kate Spade earrings, Amrita Singh bracelet.

Channel the 60s with an A-line minidress and t-strap heels. 
Why this outfit works: A sophisticated dress pairs well with an edgy take on the 60s t-strap style. A purple clutch and green gems add color to the neutrals and help modernize the dress.

For the adventurous: Try flared trouser jeans. To update the look, add a motorcycle jacket, fitted sweater, and high heels. Add color by accessorizing with a bright handbag.

I hope this post has made you more confident about mastering the season's latest trends. You can make any of these trends work for you, so don't get discouraged. Need extra help? Leave a comment with your question and e-mail address and I'll get right back to you!


August 09, 2011

Three Ways: Colorful Blazer

Before I begin this post, I would like to make a special announcement. I have an exciting giveaway prepared for all my lovely readers to reward you all for being so wonderful, but it's only going to go public once I reach 200 followers! So please do remember to click "Join this site" on the top right of the blog to follow me via Google Friend Connect.

Now, onwards!

This post will show you three examples of how to style a colorful blazer. For this post, I'm using a blue blazer, but you can replace the blazer I used with a blazer of almost any other color to make the suggestions work for your wardrobe.

Rebecca Minkoff blazer
Rebecca Minkoff blazer - $325

J Crew sweater, Acne jeans, Luv Aj spike bracelet, House of Harlow 1960 wrap bracelet and earrings, Old Navy heeled booties. 

A casual weekend outfit suitable for fall weather gains elegance with the addition of a blazer and sophisticated gold jewelry. The reason why this outfit works so well is because the contrasting elements are played up. The casual and formal elements are combined to create a versatile ensemble. Because the outfit is made up of neutrals, any color blazer would look good here.

3.1 Phillip Lim silk shirt, Current/Elliott velvet pants, Pamela Love ring, Sam Edelman suede booties.

This outfit is a subtle example of color blocking because of the pairing of bright blue and cherry red. The outfit is based on contrasting textures, for example the silk shirt and velvet pants. The reason that this ensemble works so well is because the two brightly colored elements of the outfit are separated by a neutral (the shirt). Fierce, black accessories contrast the grown-up, feminine vibe of the rest of the outfit. Most blazers would work with this outfit.

Topshop dress, Dannijo necklace, Aldo heels. 
All images and sets via

This outfit is perfect for cocktail hour or dinner out. The blazer adds a pop of color to a classic LBD. Nude heels elongate the legs and allow statement jewelry - along with the blazer - to steal the show. This look is sophisticated but still youthful. Any color blazer would work here and any LBD can be used.

Colored blazers are a lot of fun and are actually much more versatile than one might think. Go out and buy one before they're gone! (Some good stores to check are Topshop, MANGO, and Zara.)


August 07, 2011

Inspired By Sky

I find that nature never ceases to inspire me. When I was unsure of what to blog about today, I turned to photography to spark the creativity inside me. I've done a variety of Inspired By posts in the past, but this one is more specific than any of these other posts. Today I decided to focus on one certain element of nature: clouds. Clouds have many connotations, the most popular of which involve "soft" and "fluffy" descriptions. My goal with the outfits I created based on these photographs was to portray the feeling of clouds and the sky they dwell in.

Clouds & Sky

Cloud Outfit
Gemma Kahng dress, Repetto flats, Balenciaga bag, Kate Spade wallet, rings (from top to bottom) by Torcione, Jamie Wolf, and Galante Visconti.

This outfit has a light and feminine feel to it. The dress emphasizes this vibe with negligee-like qualities. The ballet flats add grace and charm, their material working with the dress's fabric to create a textured ensemble reminiscent of the softness of clouds. The bag and wallet represent the sky. Both pieces are relatively structured, contrasting the airy feel of the cloud segment of the outfit. Finally, a variety of gold and rose gold rings are girly yet sophisticated and feel fit for angels.


Cloud Outfit 2
See by Chloe cotton jacket, Reiss t-shirt, Rag & Bone skirt, K. Jacques sandals, Dooney & Bourke wristlet, Natalie Brown necklace.

The t-shirt and skirt in this outfit represent the clouds in the picture; their loose, flowy characters matching the clouds well. The blazer adds structure to the ensemble, the dainty blue shade of the piece representing the sky. The necklace and wristlet are the forest: the wristlet is small, paying tribute to the fact that very little of the trees are shown in the picture, yet the statement necklace portrays how the forest stands out against the sky and clouds in the photo. 
This outfit would be fitting for weekend brunch out at a nice restaurant or simply a beautiful spring or summer day.

All images from Flickr
All outfits created using Polyvore

The most interesting part of creating this post was adding color to each outfit. Clouds are generally white, so it was fun to incorporate colors that reflected the sky to make up for the lack of color otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I had a lot of fun making it.

August 06, 2011

Josh Goot

Josh Goot is an Australian designer known for his unique and colorful prints and structured, minimalist silhouettes. Pieces range from hundreds of dollars to over one thousand dollars.

Colorful highlights from the Josh Goot Autumn/Winter 2011 lookbook:

Images from

Highlights from the Spring/Summer 2011/2012 show:

If you're not one to splurge, then you're in luck: Josh Goot designed a collection of pieces in collaboration with ASOS, with the most expensive design costing about $155. 

Images from

Josh Goot featured in the March 2011 issue of Vogue Australia:

Image from

I love the way Goot uses color in his designs. Each garment is abstract, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind. 
You can visit the designer's website at