June 16, 2011

Inspired By Polaroids

I'm obsessed with Polaroids. They always seem to turn out beautifully, no matter what the photo depicts. I've always found this form of photography to be the most inspiring for me, so today I thought I'd style some outfits based on Polaroids.

The following images were shot by Marion Dubier-Clark.


Tibi maxidress, Roberto Cavalli heels, Irene Neuwirth cuff, Mulberry bag.

I was inspired by the colors in this Polaroid, as well as the vibe that the Statue of Liberty's dress gives off, which is in part Grecian. The maxidress has a beautiful color and together with the sandals feels reminiscent of Greek style. Turquoise jewelry adds to the summery, relaxed feel. A utilitarian bag contrasts the graceful femininity of the outfit.

D&G dress, Alexander McQueen clutch, Stephan & Co. necklace, Aldo heels.

This outfit is dainty and feminine, just like the Polaroid I was inspired by. The rose instantly reminded me of D&G's spring 2011 collection, from which I chose this floral dress. The texture of the other flowers in the Polaroid inspired me to choose heels adorned with feathers. The necklace adds charm and the pink color adds softness. The bright red clutch adds toughness to a sweet ensemble. 
This outfit would be perfect to wear to a wedding. 

Polaroids from mariondubierclark.com

M Missoni cardigan, The Row dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs bangles,
vintage Nina Ricci heels.

The zig-zag of the fire escape in this Polaroid inspired my M Missoni choice because the brand is known for its zig-zag patterns. The Polaroid is neutral in color, so the cardigan, dress, and bangles are all neutral. I chose these bangles because of their architectural feel. I added the vintage Nina Ricci heels because on Girl Loves Color every outfit must include color! The color of the heels is inspired by the bits of sky visible in the corners of the image.

Thanks to polyvore.com

There you have it: my Polaroid-inspired outfits! Let me know what you think and leave a comment!

Edit: The Polaroid for the third outfit in the original version of this post could not be found, so this outfit has been removed.


  1. I love this type of post! Your choice of photographs is so artistic, and the outfits are beautiful and inspired. Hope to see more of these from you!

  2. So creative, I love your inspiration for this post. The polaroid pictures are fabulous. I adore how you drew inspiration/colors from each pic to create such wonderful looks. Very original. I don't think I could pick a favorite one- I love them all and could definitely see myself wearing each.

  3. Such an adorable post and an original source of inspiration! I LOVE polaroids but since they were discontinued have been super careful about using my film - WMS.


  4. I love this! So creative and inspiring. As a fellow polaroid/toy camera obsessive I definitely know what you mean:)

  5. I actually have a polaroid, but I thik is not working anymore:( I will try anyway to fix it because the photos you've picked are amazing!!!

    Bloggy Betty♥♥♥

  6. I love polaroid pictures! I would really like an instant film camera myself (oh the instant gratification, haha) but it hasn't happened. Your polaroid-inspired polyvore sets are amazing! I love how you fully let the inspiration guide you to such charming outfits :)

  7. Great post!
    I love all the images, and the D&G floral dress is fabulous

    Davide - D&G Fever

  8. Exactly why I bought my polaroid! You totally should get one :)


  9. This was such an awesome post! The last look matches the photo so perfectly with the geometric shapes - love it! (I also love that teal Missoni dress!) :)

    sorelle in style

  10. I love the theme and how you styled each photo idea. Amazing work!

  11. I love the look of old polaroid pictures.. Love the inspiration that you draw out of it.. Especially that Mulberry bag and Alexander McQueen clutch..

    All the best, Angel

  12. Thanks for all the comments, everyone! I'll make sure to do more posts like this. :)

  13. I love polaroids! Good picks Maya!
    Also have you seen wildfox's rainbow tumblr? I think you'll like it!

  14. Hi lady! I just came across your blog (and this post) through Links a la Mode on IFB this week -- love it, you have so much interesting content!

    The way you collage items in Polyvore is so cool, I'm seriously over here taking notes! xx

    - Hallie :)

  15. I love this...you should see my post WXYZ

    I took pictures and the next one was like the same palette...enjoy!

  16. Love this post, each outfit is a perfect depiction of the Polaroid

  17. Love your blog! Hope you'll visit our site for an abundance of color. Have a great summer! Best, joanne@ylang23