April 15, 2011

Welcome to Mupp

Welcome to Mupp is a tiny handbag shop in Paris. With just two locations, I managed to stumble upon its store on Rue Saint Roch, a narrow road right off of popular shopping street Rue Saint-Honoré.
At the time, I was determined to find "the perfect bag". It was our last day in Paris, which unfortunately was a gloomy and rainy one. Though the street was very quiet and didn't seem to have much, I was drawn to it via a fantastic resale shop and decided to continue along. We discovered an interesting brand popular for their leggings and a fabulous vintage shop. And then, we discovered Welcome to Mupp, founded by brother-and-sister design duo Claude and Georges Moes.
The store is a little rectangle with barely enough room to house four people, bags displayed on whitish-gray painted shelves along curvy, cave-like walls. The bags are of a moderate price range, made of very good quality materials but without ridiculous price tags. It is obvious that each one will survive serious wear and tear and will look just as fabulous when worn in. The bags were, for the most part, average-sized day bags in black and red. Though not very unusual, they are perfect for everyday use, well-made, and go with everything.
The most striking product I saw amongst the small selection of about 12 models was a soft, rectangular clutch bag available in two different colors. This specific bag was the most unique design there, yet just as well-made as the rest. The two colors were the most colorful items in the store. And, being such a perfect size and having such a beautiful design, I couldn't resist.
The bag arrived in the mail yesterday, due to certain complications involving the purchase of the bag. I was ecstatic and used it for the first time last night.

The bag is super soft and impeccably crafted. One side of the clutch is a metallic gold, characterized by black and purple splatter paint. (The other version of the bag has this on both sides, with a purple pom-pom instead of a blue one.) The blue pom-pom is tied with black cord to the zipper and is made of thin strips of material.
The clutch is about two and a half hands wide, fingers pointing up towards the zipper, with the height of one relatively small hand.

You may ask, "Is this a different bag?"
The answer is, no! This is the other side of the clutch, most likely meant to be the front because of the logo. The color is a rich, deep sky blue that exactly matches the shade of the attached pom-pom. "Welcome to Mupp" is imprinted in the center, along with "Made in France" and the store's intriguing bird logo.

All photographs taken by me

The bag is lined with soft black cotton and has just the one opening. It's the perfect size to hold a cell phone, small wallet, keys, and one or two other pocket-sized items.

I'm so happy the bag finally arrived in the mail and looking forward to all the times I get to use it in the future!
To learn more about Welcome to Mupp, please visit their website.
In the meantime, if you are in Paris or are going to Paris sometime soon, you can visit their locations at 30 Saint Roch in the 1e arondissement or 23 Rue Ramey in the 18th.