January 21, 2011


My name is Maya and I'm a teenager who loves all things related to fashion.

Girl Loves Color is a brand-new blog that will focus on style and fashion, specifically all things bright and colorful. I'm planning to use this blog as a mechanism for putting down my thoughts and ideas about the subject. Basically, this blog is going to be like a fashion diary for me. 

Along the way, I'm going to focus on a few different things in this blog.
1. Petites - I'm petite myself, so I will post a lot about petite-friendly stores and brands and, of course, how to find jeans that actually fit.
2. Comfort - From the perspective of someone who has to go to school five days a week, comfort is pretty important to me. Of course, everything comfortable and cozy should also be chic and flattering!
3. Color - I'm sure the blog title gives this away. I love colors and patterns, and I'm always trying to inject a little more fun into my wardrobe. The fashion world always needs a good dose of color, and I'm planning on blogging about some great brands that really know how to use color.

That's just a little intro to my blog, and I hope anyone reading this will follow me or bookmark this page. And tell your friends to do the same! But regardless of how often you read Girl Loves Color, I hope I can provide you with fun things to read, introduce you to new brands, and help inspire your style.
So please join me on my fashion journey!